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The pleasure of a precious gift

If you are thinking of something for someone, a birthday present, a wedding gift, or a holiday present, we have created for you 4 interesting ideas: A-salty, B-sweet, C-organic, D-only b73. These are the highest quality products with the most refined flavor!

Organic Sauces

Sauces with velvety notes that combine with meats and cheeses to create a triumph of flavors and colors that, like in a classic concert, wrap the diner in the memories of the times gone by and will create a voluptuous new food combinations bring them to a higher level.

Organic Jams & Jellies

Ancient flavors and forgotten tastes come to life with the quince jam, figs with walnuts, and pear with cinnamon. The first sun beam, the scent of warm bread, and the aroma of a good jam are the best start to a long day. They can be consumed with omelets, cheeses, and white meats…many are the uses, the choice is yours…

Mostarda – Organic & Spicy

Spicy and intriguing, our mustards (spicy jam with chilly) create fanciful couplings. The best meats combine effortlessly with them, your finest cheeses seek them, the boiled meats need them. Cooking teaches that a hearty and robust taste is what satisfies the most demanding palates. In this we are masters.


Confezioni dedicate a chi, oltre alla sostanza, pensa anche alla forma. Regali, pensieri o semplicemente la voglia di eleganza…con questa filosofia offriamo una linea di confezioni da tre o dodici prodotti con cui personalizzare i vostri acquisti.